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Gwangyang Maehwa Village


Gwangyang Maehwa Village is located at where the Seomjin River ends and embraces the edge of Baekdu Mountains and Geumcheon valley. Each year the village holds "the Annual Apricot Blossom Festival", attracting five hundred thousand tourists each year. The village is also famous for producing the ten percent of the nations Japanese apricots and also for harvesting the chestnuts from the Seomjin River and lots of other local specialties.

Daap-myeon, in which the Maehwa Village is located, consists of eight hundred families, a total of 2260 people and a length of 18 Ri (1 ri is equivalent to 0.4Km). On the other side of the Seomjin river lies the Gyeongnam area and Hadong district so this village has acted as a long time gateway between the east and west of the peninsula.

The Seomjin river is one of the biggest rivers in the country and the quality of the water is grade one which is the clearest letting the natural habit thrive around it.

There are tourist spots such as Mt. Baegun, Geumcheon Valley. Namdo Bridge, Maehwa Village still company.

Most of the locals grow the local crops like apricots, chestnuts and pears and harvest clams from the river. The local pear is famous and has its own special brand with a great potential of growth. Also the village has very good communications infrastructure allowing the people to use the internet as a marketing tool, increasing their profit.


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